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Joakim is an experienced audiobook narrator, with a large and varied selection of audiobooks to his name.

His charismatic, deep and warm voice can also be heard as the promotional voice of the TV channels

Viasat Explore, Viasat Nature and Viasat History.

Joakim has voiced hundreds of characters for TV and films over the years. A selection of the projects he has worked on include Elias the Little Rescue Boat, Oliver Twist, Beyblade, Flapjack, Little Ghosts, As the Bell Rings, iCarly, Dreamkix, Hello Kitty, Amazing Spiez, Swindel, Randy Cunningham, Kung-fu Panda, the Elephant Princess, Ever After High, Yoohoo and Friends, Kipo, Spongebob Squarepants, Fast and Furious, Hjalmar og Flode (radio), An Enemy of the People (radio), Uten Ekko (radio).


Joakim has also voiced numerous educational videos, computer games, ADR and commercials.

His clients include BMW, Läkerol, Audi, Rimi, Berit Nordstrand, Plus-plus and Netflix.

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